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Happy birthday Tunguska Event!

Asteroid, comet, black hole, anti-matter, UFO crash, or Tesla experiment gone awry, the Tunguska Event is 100 years old today. May you continue to inspire crackpot astronomers and conspiracy theorists for one hundred more.

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Andromeda Strain vs. Colour Out Of Space FITE!

I’ve been eyeballs deep in Daniel Yergin’s The Prize: The Epic Quest For Oil, Money, & Power (short review so far: unlike most corporations the oil industry operates on schedules of decades – they’re already way ahead of most critics, … Continue reading

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Five recent animal stories

(accumulated from around the net) 1. Jessica the hippo who loves coffee. 2. The octopus archeologist who unearthed a 900-year-old treasure. The extraordinary discovery on what was for 58-year-old Mr Kim another ‘day at the office’ began when he took … Continue reading

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New construction at Area 51

Secret project spotters are all abuzz about the giant hangar being built out at Area 51/Groom Lake. There’s some satellite coverage of the expansion, but the best photos can be found at the Lazy G Ranch.

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Weekly World News

Still my favorite double entendre headline… It’s hard for me to not be pig-biting mad about the Weekly World News shutting down, but honestly I’m not surprised. Sandwiched in between traditional celebrity d’jour tabloids and more timely fake satire like … Continue reading

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World UFO Day

By the way today is World UFO Day so if you see an alien, buy ’em a drink and a hearty plate of mutilated cattle. [via Mick Farren]

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Pray For Rain

Alabama has been suffering from a drought for awhile now and with little relief in sight governor Bob Riley took action. Instead of announcing a comprehensive plan to switch to lesser-impact agriculture that uses more efficient irrigation systems, the governor’s … Continue reading

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So long and thanks for all the pollen?

(Insert obligatory photo of Killer Bees sketch from vintage Saturday Night Live here) Bees get tired of working conditions and that tired “busy as a bee” nonsense, and drop out of society (and apparently the planet). VISALIA, Calif., Feb. 23 … Continue reading

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Strange Days…

Gas smells in NYC. Killer bees in New Orleans. Dead birds in Austin. Encephalitis outbreak in Rhode Island. UFO sighting over O’Hare. Still, I think my favorite weird/unexplained story is from Antarctica (via The Adventure Blog). Team N2I is busy … Continue reading

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R’lyeh Rising

The yacht Maiken encountered that new island that formed recently in the South Pacific and blogged about it. What I’m endlessly finding intriguing is just how much their photo series resembles every sci-fi “lost world” story ever. Distant travelers plow … Continue reading

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