Weekly World News

Still my favorite double entendre headline…

Space rock virus infects the U.S.

It’s hard for me to not be pig-biting mad about the Weekly World News shutting down, but honestly I’m not surprised. Sandwiched in between traditional celebrity d’jour tabloids and more timely fake satire like The Onion or The Daily Show, the Weekly World News was as antiquated as its pop paraculture stable of mutants, psychics, fat animals, and alien paternity stories. The world is a much weirder and paranoid place now and the WWN couldn’t really keep its edge, especially after the 2004 death of editor-in-chief (and Ed Anger/Bat Boy creator) Eddie Clontz. Recent issues were about as comforting as a thirty year old catalog of model train sets or amateur radios – still appealing for, well, oddballs like me but not enough of a cult demographic to keep going.

I still want to know which candidate the greys are going to support in 2008 (otherwise I’m voting for Elvis). I can’t remember if Serena Sabak ever returned back from fighting evil in the astral plane (her valley girl sister took over her WWN column) and I think there was an important public service telling you how to determine if your prostitute is an alien.

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