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ANA Jet lightning strike

Amazing video clip of an ANA jet getting struck by lightning on take off.

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Abandoned and little-known airfields

A nice guide to abandoned and little-known airfields. Includes my beloved Rice Air Base.

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A question that was asked…

A friend on a mailing list asks: Hi All, does anyone know what the effect is called when say, you can see the propeller on a plane spinning clockwise then as it gets faster it looks like it’s spinning anti-clockwise? … Continue reading

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Sioux City, Iowa’s airport may no longer SUX

Until then, it really SUX. SIOUX CITY, Iowa – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), after denying a request by Sioux City officials to change its official three-letter airport code from SUX to another designation, may reverse its decision. Airport Director … Continue reading

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Frozen P-38 flies again

“Glacier Girl”, a P-38 that crash landed on a Greenland ice field in 1942 and subsequently buried under the ice for 50 years flies again.

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I *thought* the Boeing/Klingon plane looked familiar

Ladies and gentlemen… The Curtiss XP-55 Ascender. More info here and here. Remaining example here

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Boeing unveils Klingon Bird Of Prey

So this thing has been flying since 1996 and I’m sure it accounts for a nontrivial amount of Area 51 freakouts. As with the F-117, it’s hard to get a handle on just what this thing looks like. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Ekranoplans! Wing-In-Ground surface effect craft

Digging around the net a bit brings up this page and a complete archive of Soviet-era ekranoplans – Wing-In-Ground surface effect craft. The star of the show is the dreaded KM a.k.a. “The Caspian Sea Monster” that could do 500km/h at … Continue reading

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