Sioux City, Iowa’s airport may no longer SUX

Until then, it really SUX.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), after denying a request by Sioux City officials to change its official three-letter airport code from SUX to another designation, may reverse its decision.

Airport Director Larry Hobald said the western Iowa municipality appealed the ruling after the FAA refused its initial request made last March.

“We feel vindicated and hopeful,” said Sioux City chamber of commerce spokesperson Wendy Warf. “Residents here are quite conservative and are embarrassed when tourists and relatives ask why “SUX” tags have been attached to their luggage.”

Boeing unveils Klingon Bird Of Prey

boeing-stealthSo this thing has been flying since 1996 and I’m sure it accounts for a nontrivial amount of Area 51 freakouts. As with the F-117, it’s hard to get a handle on just what this thing looks like. I’m sure the folks over at Jane’s have just pulled the phone out of the wall by now.

The promo films on the Boeing site are a prime piece of ephemeral military promo films. Am I the only person to immediately think of the line “The Crossbow Project… Because the best defense is a good offense!”