Kitchen Recording

Kitchen Recording

QC has been off recording an album the past couple of days. Regular service will resume shortly.

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7 Responses to Kitchen Recording

  1. Matt M. says:

    Where’s the Jaguar? That looks suspiciously like a digital keyboard and I won’t be having any of that!

  2. Chris Barrus says:

    Don’t have a Jaguar (it’s a Jazzmaster) and the JV-30 is for piano sounds.

  3. Matt M. says:

    I’m blanking. I meant to say The Continental.

  4. Chris Barrus says:

    Wouldn’t fit in the car

  5. Jason says:

    Is that a stuffed white rat on top of the amp? And do I want to know why?

    Btw, I’m also a little concerned that emergency access to oven is blocked. The food marshall will be coming along now to cite you for that. What if you had a sudden urge to heat and eat something NOW! And no nuking it doesn’t count.

  6. Matt M. says:

    You can grill a pannini (sp) on a tube amp. True fact!

  7. Chris Barrus says:

    Especially on that Vox… It puts out enough heat to run a good sized battleship.

    No worries about no access to the oven. We were recording in a reconverted ranger station and there were plenty of grills outside.

    And yes, it’s a stuffed rat. His name is Fredo.

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