The New York Pizza Department of San Diego

A couple months ago, the guys at Geek Squad got into trouble because the CHP thought that the Squad’s black and white Beetles looked too much like police cars. Sure, it’s another silly incident that disguises another case of runaway copyrighting (note the CHP spokesman line about “protecting our unique color scheme”), but it reminds me of another story…

Back in the late 1970s there was a San Diego-based pizza parlor called The New York Pizza Department. Nothing particular special or remarkable about the place – I was only there once and I remember the old pictures of NYC on the wall more than the pizza. However, one day the owner thought that it would be clever to use an old black-and-white police cruiser as a delivery car – complete with “N.Y.P.D.” and a pizza-themed city seal on the sides. It was a cool gimmick and I felt bad when the San Diego police killed it but the NY Pizza Department put up enough of a fight for it to become a regional news item all over Southern California.

Nothing on Google yet, but I’m sure someone else Out There will remember the place.

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