And into NYC

The weather held out all the way through except for the last hundred miles in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Holland Tunnel, NYC

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Apparently it got so cold overnight, that when I hit the front windshield with the defroster, the small crack (that was supposedly fixed) reopened and shot across two-thirds of the glass with a loud “BANG.” At least I got here and it’s not like I have to drive much anymore.

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2 Responses to And into NYC

  1. JWP says:

    Now that the cross-country trip reached its end, I could say my favs of the posted photos were the Grand Isles (Lousiana) ones. looks like a good location to spend a little time. -JWP

  2. nick ring says:

    When I had my 89 Golf, the rear window shattered just after my gf and I stepped out of the car to go to dinner; I assume it was the defroster on that very cold night.

    Incidentally, pretty much all of the restaurants in Lenox(MA) are/were closed on Wednesdays. Back to GB with a blown out rear window and some take out pizza.

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