Time-Travellers Mutual Fund

While it’s up there with the ineffectual International Star Registry, the Time Travel Mutual Fund is a fun way to burn ten bucks. The idea is that you pay in $10 and through the magic of compound interest that money will become billions of dollars after 500 or so years. Multiply that by the number of people who pay in, and you got a good chunk of capital to invent time travel and/or pay off the people who invented time travel to come back in time and bring forward the people who paid into the fund. Just watch out for the Morlocks.

Q: Will they still be using money in the future?

A: We don’t know, however, it is logical to assume there will still be some form of currency used, although it will probably be electronic and not physical. We expect the fund to be converted into whatever form of currency is in use, just as all those different European currencies were turned into the Euro.

Q: What if they outlaw time travel?

A: Good question. One provision built into the fund is that it must be not only technically feasible, it must be legal as well. A maintenance fund that part of your membership fee goes to can be used to pay whatever it is that passes as lawyers in the future to try and make it legal. Laws can be changed.

[via Boing Boing]

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