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MP3s from the John Peel show

Not mp3s of the Peel show, but legally downloadable tracks of artists/songs featured on Peel’s Radio One show. Lots of cool stuff – Mogwai, The Fall, Set Fire To Flames, Quasi, Super Furry Animals, Hopewell, Low. [via The Null Device]

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Lucia Pamela, Musician and Moon Traveller, R.I.P.

Missed this one in the obituaries a couple weeks back… Lucia Pamela, a one-of-a-kind entertainer best known for recording a music album in 1969 about her fictional travels to the moon, died on July 25 in a hospital in Los … Continue reading

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A top 50 list of great insight and taste

Finally, a top 50 list I can agree with! Matt of Scrubbles declares that the theme to Space: 1999 is number one on his Top 50 TV Theme list. I’d probably put U.F.O. in my #1, but either way Barry … Continue reading

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John Shirley mp3s

While known mostly as Cyberpunk Author At Large, John Shirley also fronted a techploitation punk band in the 70s. Check out the damage at his site.

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Get your 80s fixation here with New Wave Photos

Not New Wave photos themselves, but photos of New Wave bands.

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Get your synopsis for the next Behind The Music right here

The NYT’s Neil Strauss on the implosion of that other teeny-bopper act. I’m still reminded of that Onion headline: “Backstreet Boys to become Backstreet Men in backstreet ritual”. [via Red Rock Eater]

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My new heroes: Davoli

I’ve become a big fan of the music video show on World Link TV – a satellite network that broadcasts a lot of foreign television, independent news productions, and totally off the wall stuff. Anyway, the music video show apparently … Continue reading

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10,000 band names

Stuck for a name for your new band? Feel that said band is, well, kinda average? Your name has already been chosen for you by the Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Name Generator. Have to admit that I kinda … Continue reading

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What goes into marketing a new teen queen/rock star/whatever

Why bother with American Idol, when the real thing is even funnier? Celebrity journalist Lynn Hirschberg profiles former Backstreet girlfriend and would-be-edgy-rock-star Amanda Latona and portrays the breakthrough artist as a malleable, fame-chasing airhead and her handlers as just as … Continue reading

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Royksopp’s “Remind Me”

The song is sort of an early 80s new wave pastiche, but the video for it is a mind-blowing hypnotic mix-up of morphing infographics. [via Boing Boing]

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