Episode #009 – Moody drive to The Apple Pan

Wanted a hickory burger, pie, and a coffee from The Apple Pan tonight. Needed a soundtrack.

  1. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – “Sand”
  2. My Bloody Valentine – “Sueisfine”
  3. ZZ Top – “Ten Dollar Man”
  4. Don Fardon – “I’m Alive”
  5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Memory Camp”
  6. Stars Of The Lid – “Gasfarming”
  7. Lhasa – “Anywhere On This Road”
  8. The Lovetones – “Please Don’t Break My Heart Tonight”
  9. Zoviet France – “Pearroc”
  10. Steven R. Smith – “Distance And Passing”
  11. Orchestre Tzigane du Restaurant du Rat Mort – “Les Mains de Femmes”
  12. Scenic – “Angelica”
  13. Carsick Cars – “Silence”
  14. Lee Hazlewood – “My Autumn’s Done Come”
  15. Elliott Smith – “Cupid’s Trick”

applepan1 applepan2 applepan3 applepan4 applepan5 applepan6

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