3 thoughts on “Five “fuck yeah!” Tumblr blogs I would like to see”

  1. I love the artwork above on the Leonora part and mono lake but I am not sure what tumblr is 🙂 but I certainly have to agree on the Leonora one. 🙂

  2. Tumblr is a microblog somewhere in-between Twitter and WordPress, MovableType. There’s a subculture of points and re-blogging cascades that I don’t quite understand, but it’s important to someone.

    And yes, Carrington is very very awesome (and worthy of a “fuck yeah!”)

  3. I feel like I should stand up, shout, “Yes we can!” and take on the Carrington one.

    Except that I’m in @$#% grad school, and as such, any blogging I do should be related to my @#4% research area. So, you know, something about fly sperm. (Or maybe you don’t know. I think I told Maxwell about it. Anyway– fly sperm.)

    Maybe I could do some kind of combo thing. “Friends of Leonora Carrington Present: Look at this F*cking Fly Jizz!”

    Or something.

    We’ll see. I’ll mention it to El Spouse-tastico and see whether he thinks it’s brilliant or nuts.

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