And if anyone from Apple marketing is reading…

…here’s what I want:

I want an Apple version of that Fujitsu ultra-sub-notebook or the Sony PictureBook. Here’s the specifications:

  • Wide-screen display a la the PictureBook. Basically something with the linear dimensions of a Titanium keyboard. Limiting factor: it should fit on the average airplane folding tray-table in cattle-car class.
  • Juice-thrifty processor. I’m willing to forego speed for an 8-hour battery life.. If folks can get Linux installed on the PictureBook, then I want OS X. I don’t need the capability for the full My Digital Lifestyle or the developer tools, just enough to run an email client, launch a web browser, play some legally purchased intellectual property, store some pictures from a digital camera, and write some text. Maybe Transmeta’s chip would be appropriate? Should Apple just buy Transmeta outright? I’d be for it.
  • Detachable CD/DVD
  • Built-in ethernet, modem, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. I want to be able to connect from anywhere, whether it’s Bay Area technocenter, a truckstop in Nebraska, a sleepy French seaside village, or a satellite phone in the Atacama.
  • That 20GB hard drive from the iPod
  • Built-in FireWire, USB, and earphone jack. In lieu of a separate power jack, I want it to charge via the FireWire port
  • Some sort of pointing device a la the one from the PictureBook, but throw in a ultra-small USB mouse and I’ll be happy.
  • Automatic synchronization with everything via iSync and .mac. Ideally I should be able to connect it to my Main Machine via FireWire and have everything synch-up just like how the iPod does it.
  • iPod-like capability. Kill the display, close the lid, and it’s a mp3 player.
  • Video-out jack perhaps? I don’t need it, but the PowerPoint jockeys out there would.

Can it be done in 2.5 pounds? And at what price point? I’m willing to pony up, and I’m sure the Apple otaku in Japan would too.

(Over Flagstaff at the moment. There’s still fires burning out here)

Author: Chris Barrus

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