Things I haven’t done in years part 1: Homework!

So it’s been almost ten years since I’ve said the sentence: “I’ve got homework to do”. It feels incredibly weird, even though I work at a university and am constantly surrounded by academia (in all forms).

The class itself is an introduction to Macromedia Flash which is an app I know next to nothing about. Since I’ve been doing network admin/deep-level geek stuff over the recent years I’ve discovered that my design/DTP skills were stuck back somewhere around the Quark 3/Illustrator 5 vintage, with Flash and the entire Axis of Macromedia somewhere around my peripheral vision. I used Dreamweaver a couple of times and after a much confusion, went back to hand-coding my HTML in BBEdit.

Anyway, UCI Extension offers a couple of classes free to UCI staff. Flash was one of them and here I am, thinking about needing to do homework and being incredibly pleased that I got my Asteroids-knockoff spaceship to fly around the Flash stage and fade in and out.

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