Philip K. Dick in Orange County

Another PKD movie, another PKD article… However this one is better than most and deftly stays away from the “he’s crazy” summation that most of these pieces devolve into. There’s even a PKD story I hadn’t heard of…

Powers remembers a call from Phil: he’d figured out the universe, he said.

“I said, ‘Cool!'” Powers says, “And he said, ‘So can you come over after work?'”

“Yeah, I’ll be right over,” Powers said. “But listen: Can you write it out as a limerick?”

“No, I can’t write it out as a limerick!” Dick snapped. “It’s the secret of the universe-come on!”

But when Powers pulled up on his motorcycle, Dick had a limerick for him anyway:

The determinist forces are wrong
But irresistibly strong
While of God there’s a dearth
For he visits the Earth
But not for sufficiently long

He’d even written an alternate ending:

But of God there’s no dearth
For he visits the Earth
Though just for sufficiently long


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