Metatext shoutout – you heard it here first!

Before we go any further here let’s just agree that complaining about Michael Bay is like trying to punch out the wind. Even if he’s the noisier little brother of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, his movies almost always come in on time, within budget, and make a profit. Not too many people doing that in 21st century Hollywood.

A month or so back Kristin and I were confronted with the trailer to Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen a month or so back and our feeling was that it was the first completely metatext movie trailer. Ignore everything you know about narrative because the trailer isn’t a convention preview, it’s a list of ingredients: explosions, Egypt, explosions, military hardware, explosions, robots, shouting, explosions, Megan Fox’s butt, explosions, conspiracy mysticism b.s., more explosions.

Anyway, I posted this in an ILX thread and on Twitter and apparently I was right. One long two and a half hour blipvert. I’ll hold off for the eventual RiffTrax version of this. The RiffTrax version of Transformers was actually pretty good.

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