The Church at The Roxy

I was killing time out in front of the club, watching people be interviewed for a documentary on the band’s tour when the interviewer said to me “you look like someone who would be a fan, care to say a few words?” Turns out he was someone I knew from the Seance list so I agreed. The question was “what is it you like about The Church?” and my answer went something like:

“Complete obstinacy. I can’t think of any other band who’s been around as long as they have who are stubborn enough to not break down and retrace their path back to those two songs that got them here in the first place. Every new album sounds just enough like themselves to be familiar but each has an implicit statement of ‘this is what we’re doing Right Now.’ Never would have figured on a group of fifty year olds, thirty years into a career, going full D.I.Y. into some of the best moody psychedelic Floyd-esque around.”

I took some photos, but since it’s me, they’re mostly of amplifiers and effect pedals so here’s some video from Solana Beach the night before:

and the full session from KCRW:

And yes it was me who sent in the proposal for a 33 1/3 book on Priest=Aura.

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