Inflationary Universe

Offered without comment…

A ten billion dinar note from the last days of Yugoslavia. Tesla appears to be saying “You have no idea what’s really going on” to himself.


A quadrillion Zimbabwe dollar check. Apparently the bank prepared for million percent inflation by putting two lines for the sum section.


But if there’s one picture that’s representative of 2008: The Year In Money, it’s this:


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2 Responses to Inflationary Universe

  1. Nicholas Corwin says:

    Hi Chris,

    Great minds indeed do think alike…for over the past few days I have been unable to shake thoughts of Germany in 1923. Millions of people were wiped out, and a mockery was made of their hard work and loyalty to the system. Workers would rush out to buy groceries every couple of hours before their wages’ value fell further, but by November 1923 it reached such heights–4 billion marks to the dollar–that farmers started refusing to deliver food to stores.

    And I wonder…do you think that if we had, say, 20% unemployment, that the Hordes of today would wait quietly in line for soup or “mush and milk” as our dads’ contemporaries did during the Depression?


  2. Chris Barrus says:

    I’m not quite expecting a full 1920s-style armageddon but just a slow enduring grind of high prices and infrequent credit. Perhaps a re-do of the 1970s recession?

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