Cat and mouse blamed for Albanian blackout

I’ve been fascinated by Albania for years. OK, so it gets made fun of often, and stories like this aren’t helping. I can’t help laughing though…

Cat and mouse blamed for blackout

Albanians may have found a new villain to blame for the frequent power cuts that have been blighting their lives.

The country’s main electricity company says a cat chasing a mouse caused a 72-hour blackout in parts of the capital, Tirana.

The animals ran into an area of high-voltage cables and were electrocuted, a spokeswoman for the firm – Kesh – told Reuters news agency.

“We took pictures because we’ve never had anything like this,” she said.

Power cuts have been endemic in Albania for many years.

The authorities usually blame drought and the dilapidated state of the communist-era grid, which appears to be buckling under the strain of the extra demand caused by the Albanians’ recent access to modern amenities.

Eastern Europe’s favorite cat and mouse team was apparently unavailable for comment.

Author: Chris Barrus

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2 thoughts on “Cat and mouse blamed for Albanian blackout”

  1. Remember the early Cheers episode, when Coach is taking Geography? “Al-ban-ia”

  2. Postscript: I’ve just recalled the tune to which Coach sang “Al-ban-ia” — it was “When the Saints Come Marching In”: “Al-ban-i-a. Al-ban-i-a. Albania lies on the Ad-ri-at-ic.”

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