You light the candles and I’ll get the robes… Witches rule!

I suppose I should say something about the Harry Potter finale and the alteration to the Earth’s rotation that results from moving 15 million books around, but I’m a Potter agnostic. Got nothing against the series and honestly, I’m all for anything that gets kids to read and drives fundies stir crazy.

I suppose it was only a matter of time until we learned the answer to What Would Jack Chick Do? Ladies, gentlemen, witches, warlocks, Illuminati, Discordians, Sub-Geniuses, Servants Of Cthulhu and other Enlightened Folk… Look out for “The Nervous Witch.”


Author: Chris Barrus

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One thought on “You light the candles and I’ll get the robes… Witches rule!”

  1. I love that tract! Here’s something I know that you will dig: over at are a bunch of short films based on actual Jack Chick tracts! Like “Angels” and “Bewitched” (about witchcraft and LSD) and a bunch more. Like I said, you will dig it the most.

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