The Interrobang

Typography symbols are constantly recontextualized, but punctuation marks are eternal. At least until 1962 when the interrobang “‽” was created.

American Martin K. Speckter concocted the interrobang itself in 1962. As the head of an advertising agency, Speckter believed that ads would look better if advertising copywriters conveyed surprised queries using a single mark.

All about the interrobang. Countdown to when “interrobang” (“exclarotive’ and “exclamaquest” were potential alternate names) is used as a band name begins in 5, 4, 3, 2…

Author: Chris Barrus

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  1. When I was there in the mid-90s,(interrobang) was the name of the student newspaper at the School of the Art Institute (may well be for all I know).

    Darn, Chris, your blog’s font doesn’t support it.

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