Information Wants to be Worthless

Bruce Sterling on the post post-Internet collapse environment…

Graying cyberpunk that I am … all carpal-tunnel and bifocals … I can well remember some weirdo pals in the Information-Wants-to-Be-Free contingent, idly wondering what would happen if the business world ever “discovered the Internet.” Obviously they would buy up every machine in sight and try to make a profit at it. That much was dead obvious, for that was the period’s Reagan-Thatcherite modus operandi. Clearly all us artsy cybergoofballs would have to find some other place to chatter and swap our lies, like, say, faxes or CB radio.

But one scenario was way too far-fetched and idealistic, even for the likes of us. What if it turned out that the Net was just plain too much for business to handle? That it was downright toxic to free enterprise?

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