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Part 8: Zines, Books, etc.

In This Section:

8.1 - Ptolemaic Terrascope

If you can only subscribe to one zine, Ptolemaic Terrascope would be the one. PT covers a wide range of drone, psych, and straight-out acid rock past and present.

Ptolemaic Terrascope
37 Sandridge Road
Wiltshire SN12 7BQ

$25.00 for a 4 issue subscription.

They've also got a WWW page up also at

8.2 - Whirlpool

Put together by the members of Alison's Halo, Whirlpool focuses on "dreampop" bands like Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Low, Seefeel, etc. Publishing schedule seems to be about every six months. Two issues are currently available.

P.O. Box 616
Tempe, AZ 85280

4 issue subscriptions are $12 U.S., $16 Canada/Mexico, and $20 for the rest of the world. Single issue prices are $4, $5, and $6 respectively.

8.3 - Astronauts

A zine out of Australia with coverage of your droney faves including FSA, and Drop City.

VARISPEED Recordings
PO Box 319
Torrensville Plaza
SA 5031

8.4 - Ruta 66

A Spanish-language glossy-page magazine out of Spain. Covers EVERYONE in the garage/drone scene from the 60's through now. Feature articles have included Roky Erickson, Spacemen 3, the MC5, Sun Ra, and lots more.

Ruta 66
c/aribau 282-284
08006 Barcelona

8.5 - Electronic/experimental music texts

Date: 02/20 2:42 AM
From: Lisa Blanning,
To: Stephen Pozgay,
CC: DroneOn List,

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Stephen Pozgay wrote:

) and to contribute a question to this list, can anyone recommend any good
) texts on electronic/experimental music suitable for collegiate study?  im
) attempting to propose an independent study of electronic or experimental
) music, perhaps "new" classical, and need to bring a list of relevant text
) books to the prof. before he is willing to sign on.  again, i thank you in
) advance...

there's also michael nyman's _Experimental Music_ but that's out of print, too. i haven't read wim mertens _American Minimalist Composers_ (or is it _Music_?), but i'll bet it would be of interest to all us droners. there's also Derek Bailey's _Improvisation_ but that might not be what you're looking for.

William Duckworth's _Talking Music_ is also a good source, straight from the mouths of various composers he interviews (Cage, Babbitt, Oliveros, Zorn, among others).


Date:        02/20  1:22 AM
From:        T P Uschanov,
CC:          DroneOn List,

)) and to contribute a question to this list, can anyone recommend any good
)) texts on electronic/experimental music suitable for collegiate study?

This is a good if a bit dated one:

      AUTHOR: Holmes, Thomas B.
       TITLE: Electronic and experimental music  / Thomas B. Holmes
 PUBLICATION: New York : Scribner's, 1985
    MATERIAL: 278 pp.
        ISBN: 0-684-18135-5 (hb)
        ISBN: 0-684-18395-1 (pb)
 CLASS (UDC): 78.038 (091)

8.6 - Silencer

Silencer is an on-line music magazine which covers quite a few of list favorites. Silencer can be found at:

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