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Part 6: So where can I find all of this?

In This Section:

A WORD OF CONSUMER WARNING: These listings are only provided as a service to the drone community and not as any kind of "official" recommendation. Please remember that your mileage may indeed (and probably will) vary.

Having said that, I realize that there are numerous on-line general record stores which carry every current release available, including the "experimental" stuff which is list-worthy. Rather than try to list every single outfit, I'm only listing those who concentrate on the drone.

6.1 - BOMP! Records Mail Order

An extensive rare record catalog is available from BOMP! To get a catalog, send your snail-mail address only to This email address is for catalog requests only.

Alternately, you can write to:
BOMP! Mail-Order
P.O. Box 7112
Burbank, CA 91510

Enclose a couple of stamps or an IRC to cover postage costs.

6.2 - Parasol

Parasol has a on-line catalog at:

6.3 - Wayside

Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 11:54:26 -0400
To: droneon@UCSD.EDU
From: (EZ)
Subject: wayside and cuneiform

i deleted the message, but someone mentioned the wayside catalog. it is the mailorder part of cuneiform records. they specialize in avant garde and the like and carry hundreds of records of which i know only a few names such as faust and doldrums. but we've been planning on ordering from them so if anyone has some suggestions i'm all ears.


6.4 - Anomalous Records

Carry lots of Really Weird Shit(tm) - things you never thought you needed. Good source for Japanese noisecore. On the web at:

6.5 - Eclipse Records

Carries your favorite drone rock standards along with a generous helping of obscurities. Great source for krautrock of assorted vintages. On the web at:

6.6 - Drone Tourism: On-line guide to record stores

Often, someone will post a message which is something like: "Hey, I'm visiting some city next week - can someone tell me where the good record stores are?" Nick Voxman has kindly taken up organizing and compiling a WWW catalog of stores at

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