An Anti-Mac Corporate Conspiracy

Business Week finally groks what us Macintosh IT guys have been saying for years…

“Corporate information-technology managers favor PCs because these machines are so befuddling. The rising complexity of workplace computing makes big companies ever more dependent on tech support, so what self-respecting chief information officer is going to recommend a computer — such as the Mac — that might shrink rather than expand his department’s influence? Macs generally require less support than PCs and are thus cheaper and easier to run and maintain. So perhaps the PC’s dominance of the workplace is about power — not money.”

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They Rule

Dynamically generated octopus diagrams of the connections between corporations and their board of directors. [via The Null Device]

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They Hate Starbucks

A clearinghouse of protest and subversion games to plague the McDonalds of coffee. [via The Null Device]

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eBay’er goes nuts

What happens when an otherwise normal eBay seller goes nuts (read the additional comments on down the page).

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There was a protest demonstration in Irvine?

There was a protest demonstration in Irvine? Interestingly, there wasn’t a mention of this anywhere on the UC Irvine campus.

“People from all over the world united to march on Taco Bell’s world corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA, Orange County, USA (otherwise known as “Behind the Orange Curtain”) in solidarity with Taco Bell’s tomato pickers, who haven’t had a raise since 1978!”

Link. Photos [via IndyMedia]

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Do Not Contact Brian Eno

Why contacting Brian Eno may not be a good idea.

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Man Who Waves At Stevie Wonder Draws Up Plans To Nuke 7 Countries

Kent Southard at BushWatch nicely follows up last week’s nuke story and outs Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz as this decade’s Dr. Strangelove.

The nexus of the Bush war party seems to be Rumsfeld’s Deputy Sec. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. Pat Buchanan in his book ‘A Republic, Not an Empire’ finds Wolfowitz, and a 46 page memorandum he wrote while in the Pentagon under the first Bush, at the center of Republican foreign policy. As his book’s title suggests, Buchanan’s apprehensions are based on the agenda explicitly laid out by Wolfowitz – that America should dominate the world, in every sense, that the planet shall serve as our empire; that we should militarily prevent any country or consortium of countries from controlling the resources that would allow them to escape their dependence and subservience: which is how we now find ourselves building a string of military bases in Central Asia, to control Caspian Sea oil reserves not for America’s use, but to control China and India who will.

And so we also find ourselves with ‘contingency plans’ for nuclear weapons, with apparent abandonment of our historic ‘no first strike’ policy – in case somebody didn’t get the message and needs to be slapped down. When Pat Buchanan says a conservative is too extreme for him, it should tell you something.

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Broken camera art

MCFarrellEavesChairDon’t get upset if you happen to drop your $800 digital camera in a pond, just carefully dry it off and check out the instant-surrealist results! KPT never did anything like this.

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The International Dada Archive

The International Dada Archive (damn, how cool is that?) has a big archive of early Dada pamphlets and zines. [via Bruce Sterling]

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The Musee Mecanique

One of my fave things in San Francisco is the Musee Mecanique – a collection of early 1900’s coin-operated arcade machines, fortune tellers, and mechanical uncertainties.

Anyway, the Musee is located underneath the Cliff House tourist trap (itself a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area) – which has decided to expand downstairs and toss out the Musee. There’s an online petition up to save the Musee. I have my doubts that it’ll do any good, but grass roots support helped save the Giant Camera Obscura so who knows…

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