The Musee Mecanique

One of my fave things in San Francisco is the Musee Mecanique – a collection of early 1900’s coin-operated arcade machines, fortune tellers, and mechanical uncertainties.

Anyway, the Musee is located underneath the Cliff House tourist trap (itself a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area) – which has decided to expand downstairs and toss out the Musee. There’s an online petition up to save the Musee. I have my doubts that it’ll do any good, but grass roots support helped save the Giant Camera Obscura so who knows…

The Unfathomed Spider

The Unfathomed Spider

“When you see a cloud formation, it means that the squid meditates. A table beams with wisely ancestral power, or a frightening blackness bartered the servant from the ring in exchange for a mortician over some township. An ooze completely pierced the black, beating heart of the insanity… A cyclopian polygon draws itself up, because the wisely smelly particle placed the sacred mark of Cthulhu upon the false stone.

Courtesy of the Random H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator

K. Gordon Murray

“How far, can the human mind penetrate the mysteries of the great beyond? Who Knows? This picture, is based upon an extraordinary experiment, carried out by Doctors Hughes and Tooney of the University of Los Angeles. There is no doubt as to its authenticity; testimony of people participating in the experiment, sworn to by a notary public, preclude the possibility of any fraud! This picture is a combination of factual data, mixed with fiction.” — From The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy

A mad scientist creates a robot (armed with radium no less!) to steal treasure guarded by a centuries-old mummy. Folks, thank producer/distributor K. Gordon Murray for this and 65 other horror/exploitation movies – mostly imported from Mexico. MST3K fans might recognize him as the US “producer” of Santa Claus

[via gmtPlus9]

Last night I had an anxiety dream

Last night I had an anxiety dream about having to send in my PowerBook to Apple for some undisclosed reason. Dream time was spent dutifully waiting on the phone for a RMA number while obsessively making sure I had at least several backups (over and above the usual one) on hand in case I needed to get at the files I haven’t touched in over two years.

Perhaps the most interesting part is that in my dream, cell phone connections still suck. This leads me to believe that like the weather, lousy cell phone connections are as iron-clad a fact of nature as say… gravity.

This also leads me to believe that the most impossible item in the Star Trek universe isn’t the transporter or warp drive, but the lowly communicator.