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Eugene Jarvis, video game Jedi

Cool interview with Eugene Jarvis, creator of Defender, Robotron, and Smash TV. “Some of the most interesting and deadly aspects of the enemies were bugs caused by improperly terminated boundary conditions in the algorithms. Often these bugs produced behavior far … Continue reading

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I just love this sentence…

I just love this sentence… “Netscape 4 turned 5. 5 years ago, my best friend wasn’t even dating; now he’s married and has two kids. Fucking upgrade already.” [via Daypop Top 40]

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Compendium of tech-interview riddles

I’ve never had the misfortune of getting these types of questions in a job interview. Resorting to riddles always struck me as a sign of an unprepared interviewer that wants to make the geek squirm and take them down a … Continue reading

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Peru mulls Free Software, Gates gives $550k to Peruvian president

Remember a couple of months ago when Peru was considering to mandate the use of open-source software in all government agencies? Well, guess where Bill is at the moment? In Lima, where he presented Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo with a … Continue reading

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Time-Travellers Mutual Fund

While it’s up there with the ineffectual International Star Registry, the Time Travel Mutual Fund is a fun way to burn ten bucks. The idea is that you pay in $10 and through the magic of compound interest that money … Continue reading

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The IT infrastructure of the International Cocaine Cartel

Business 2.0 reports on the IT infrastructure of international cocaine-smuggling rings. Henao’s cartel is a champion of decentralization, outsourcing, and pooled risk, along with technological innovations to enhance the secrecy of it all. For instance, to scrub his profits, he … Continue reading

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Killer wardriving Acura MDX

Amazing wardriving (and X10 eavesdropping) set-up wired into an Acura MDX SUV. [via Warchalking]

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FAQ on Microsoft/Intel Palladium TCPA

While the tactical battle over digital rights management is currently raging, Microsoft and Intel are quietly working on a thermonuclear weapon that in one swoop will basically destroy the electronic commons. Be afraid, be very afraid. Most of all, be … Continue reading

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Warchalking 1.0 – Hobo runes for vagabond 802.11 users

What an amazingly cool idea! Taking a cue from the hobo-runes that trainhoppers used, warchalkers are creating a set of runes that indicate the presence of a wireless access point. [via Boing Boing Blog]

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Ekranoplans! Wing-In-Ground surface effect craft

Digging around the net a bit brings up this page and a complete archive of Soviet-era ekranoplans – Wing-In-Ground surface effect craft. The star of the show is the dreaded KM a.k.a. “The Caspian Sea Monster” that could do 500km/h at … Continue reading

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