Unconditional PDX love

Prior to last weekend, I’d spent maybe a hour or two total in Portland, Oregon and those stops were pretty much limited to the I-5 corridor for refueling and a literal run through Powell’s. I was really looking forward to our visit over the weekend and after logging forty-eight or hours in the 503 area code I’m ready to load up the car and relocate after I get the NYC bug out of my system.

To enumerate:

  • Public transportation that makes sense: I’ve noted this before, but it needs to be repeated: Portland’s rail and bus system just makes sense. It’s low cost. It goes places where people want to go. It’s relatively inobtrusive.
  • Montage: Home of the best macaroni and cheese I’ve had on this or any other planet and a bread pudding that can make stronger mortals weep. Yes it’s that good. Ultramega bonus points for being open until 4am on the weekend.
  • Powell’s: Sorry Tattered Cover, Powell’s is the best bookstore in the world.
  • The Governor Hotel: Every city needs at least one hotel that would be the location for a David Lynch movie.
  • The Cup And Saucer: Punk rock breakfast is urgent and key.
  • The Paradox Cafe: Especially when you can have a punk rock breakfast anywhere in town

Vaguely progressive trustafarian granola cities are plentiful, but it’s nice to see a largish city actually put the political and social beliefs of its population into practice.

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  1. Jeff Wright says:

    It’s now an Embassy Suites (HHonors points ahoy!) but the Multnomah Hotel in downtown Portland is right up there on the ‘cool old hotel’ list also.

    The Powell’s opinion seconded. . .

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