Missile silo house up for auction

Anyone need a lair? Buy-it-now on eBay and get a bonus house and airplane along with it.

ATLAS-F MISSILE SILO HOME FEATURES (above ground house) Open floor plan home w/ kitchen, island fireplace and wrap around covered porch, a large garage which has a secret escape hatch to the underground. The surface home doubles as an entrance to the Launch Control Center (LCC) and Silo below. See photo of keypad entry locking steel doors.

LAUNCH CONTROL CENTER (LCC) (below ground living quarters) Two story 3ft. thick epoxy resin formulated concrete reinforced walls with stainless steel mesh. Structure is 42 ft. diameter containing 2300 sf luxury home with full kitchen, dinning, entertainment center, with two private suites and exquisite marble baths with Jacuzzi. Contemporary fiber optic effect lighting along with natural sunlight rendition back lighting. Has escape hatch leading directly to surface home garage above. High circulation venting (two 18″ vent tubes.)

[via Boing Boing]

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