More cities defying the Patriot Act

The resistance finally hits a major network

Over the last three months, the Massachusetts cities of Cambridge, Northampton and Amherst and the township of Leverett, as well as the town of Carrboro, N.C., all passed resolutions that call the USA Patriot Act a threat to the civil rights of the residents of their communities.

The five municipalities join Berkeley, Calif., and Ann Arbor, Mich., in taking a strong stance challenging the way the Bush administration wants to pursue its war on terror within the borders of the United States.

In Cambridge, where the measure passed the city council by a 5-4 margin on June 17, the resolution says in part, “We believe these civil liberties [freedom of speech, assembly and privacy; equality before the law; due process; and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures] are now threatened by the USA Patriot Act.”

“For me, it was that historically there have been attacks on civil liberties in times of war,” Councilman Brian Murphy said when asked why he co-authored the resolution. “I think if you look at USA Patriot, this is another example of that.”

Even before USA Patriot was passed, the police in Portland, Ore., broke ranks with the Justice Department’s war on terror, saying that it would not cooperate with the FBI on investigations of Middle Eastern students in the city, because state law barred police from questioning immigrants who are not suspected of a crime

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