Science fiction without the future….

Science fiction without the future….
Science fiction author Judith Berman looks at a year’s worth of issues of Asimov’s and ponders the dearth of new, young sf readers. She raises the point that very few of the stories being published today are a celebration of the future (or indeed, the present), but rather they look backwards to the “Golden Age” of sf when writers were exuberant about tomorrow. She calls me on this — rightly so — for a couple of future-shocky stories I sold to Asimov’s, and goes on critique the genre for being almost exclusively focused on its fear of the present and the future. Good, thought-provoking stuff!Link [bOing bOing]

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  1. A.R. Yngve says:

    Thanks for linking to Judith Berman’s article! A certain Big Name author recommended it… 🙂

    Could there be a generational thing going on in SF mags in the U.S.? Baby boomers feeling the onset of old age? Imagine my sympathy… ;-P

    -A.R. Yngve

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