The 21st Century, Week 822

It’s all fun and games until someone changes their band name to H. Merle Haggard…

Le Butcherettes at Amoeba Hollywood on 17 Sep 2015

The 21st Century, Week 820

Laguna South Coast Cinema 1923-2015

The only movie theater in town closed for good on Sunday. The OC Register has the details but you can fill all that in with the usual reasons: business decline, digital projection conversion costs, demographic changes, gentrification, etc.

I’m not a big nostalgia person, but this hits hard. I’ve seen at least 100 movies there. No exaggeration. The math just works out that way when you’re a restless kid without transportation and are tall enough to avoid getting hassled for anything that wasn’t rated G. Our oddball next-door neighbor was the projectionist. Local speculation was that he was the way he was because of seeing the same movies over and over again.

Everything played there: Oscar nominees, foreign, indie, Cheech & Chong, animation festivals, Schick Sunn Classics, if a movie had some sort of distribution it inevitably played there. My dad and I saw Airplane! there on opening night and I’ve never since seen an audience lose their minds so complete like that.

The last showing was Guy Ritchie’s remake of The Man From UNCLE. It’s nice to see anything that’s on film and not digital.

Laguna South Coast Cinema

Laguna South Coast Cinema

Laguna South Coast Cinema

Laguna South Coast Cinema

Laguna South Coast Cinema

Cinema Treasures has the full history.

Episode #011


Quartz City Podcast Episode #011

  1. L7 – “Baggage” – [00:02]
  2. Hookworms – “Radio Tokyo” – [03:20]
  3. Robi – “Ou suis-je?” – [07:20]
  4. Anna Calvi – “Ghost Rider” – [10:16]
  5. Chui Wan – “Berber” – [12:56]
  6. The Same Old Band – “Done Me Good” – [15:41]
  7. On The Wane – “Road And Snow” – [20:48]
  8. Blonde On Blonde – “Heart Without A Home” – [24:26]
  9. Hollow Ox – “2012” – [29:50]
  10. The Starlight Run – “Angels Are OK” – [34:31]
  11. The Raveonettes – “The End” – [40:45]
  12. The Black Ryder – “Let Me Be Your Light” – [44:04]
  13. The Church – “Miami” – [50:05]

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