My new heroes: Davoli

I’ve become a big fan of the music video show on World Link TV – a satellite network that broadcasts a lot of foreign television, independent news productions, and totally off the wall stuff.

Anyway, the music video show apparently broadcasts anything that remotely falls under the “world music” category… French rappers from Algeria, “super-happy” pre-fab Japanese pop, hip-hop from Ghana, vaguely Bjork-like singers from Sweden, South American jazz, a spastic song about the Basque National Sandwich by a gang of Basque Madness fans, a group of Romanian Hank Williams fans – pretty much anything goes.

Not surprisingly, most of what’s on the show is light years better than any video shown on MTV in the past fifteen years. Apparently music video production in the rest of the world is happily stuck in 1981 with all of its new wave charm and goofiness intact.

Case in point: Davoli. They’re from Croatia. I finally got around to dumping their video off of the TiVo last night…