Where magneto-reluctance and capacitive directance modialy interact

rockwell-retroencabulatorI have no idea what it does, but I’m deathly afraid that my inverse reactive current supply cannot automatically synchronize cardinal grammeters. “It” in this case is Rockwell’s retro-encabulator which replaces old pre-fabulated amulite base-plate machines that had a malleable logarithmic casing. It’s also completely hyperbullshitic – the optimized version of the “all sizzle no steak” cliche.

Freaking out the 12 foot tall lizard people followers and everyone else

reptile_gogglesThe Times reports. Paging David Icke…

Soldiers from one of Britain’s most illustrious regiments added a splash of colour to their uniforms by adopting Snake-eye goggles as they started war training yesterday.

Members of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, including 19-year-old tank driver Carl Thomas, above, were allowed to wear their own hologram protective eyewear during exercises in Bergen-Hohne in Germany. The £40 reflective 3D goggles, which are designed for motorcyclists, have become a fashionable accessory, but they will not be seen on the battlefield.

Gack, that picture freaks me out. So how long before someone gets Cylon-eye goggles?

More fun with infrasound psyops

More fun with infrasound. You just know the DoD is all over this for some new-fangled psy-ops toys.

Scientists have begun analysing the responses of 250 people who took part in the study into the effects of infrasound, carried out at Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral last September.

They showed the audience’s emotions intensified as the inaudible sound vibrations, too low for the human ear to perceive, were blasted out during a 50-minute piano recital.

Those feeling uncomfortable when the concert began, found their mood turning to anger.

Others, who had felt happy, started to notice sensations of joy.

Some physical affects were also experienced, including tingling in the back of the neck and a strange feeling in the stomach.

[via Robot Wisdom]