Defending against PHP email injection attacks

I have a couple of forms that use PHP’s mail command and over the weekend I had to become an expert at protecting yourself from “email injection” spam attacks that insert spam addresses and headers into PHP forms.

After a couple of different strategies I found that the best method to protect yourself was the script from anton at basehost dot net on this page. The nice thing about it is that it’s a server-wide solution – no need to scuzz up your forms with increasingly complicated checks for malformed characters.

Radiators and other adventures with Victorian technology

I know I’m legitimately a warm weather dork because any time I’ve been confronted with a radiator I’ve incorrectly believed that doing something with the radiator valve will affect the temperature.

Part of me is still boggled that a major city is heating itself with 100 year old technology, but I suppose if it still works… Anyway, Dead Programmer and Gary The Cat give you the lowdown.

Random Linkage I

Homemade macaroni and cheese is one of the greatest things ever and Gothamist links to New York Magazine’s review of the poshiest mac and cheeses in New York.

I like the idea of a Mac mini home media server, but nothing has inspired burning technology lust more than a Mac mini-based synth controller/sound module.

Phone phreaking in the early days – recorded for posterity. I still miss the different dial tones and rings from the old analog switches.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Casio VL-80 Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator.

Na + H20 = boom. This guy optimizes that equation to its ridiculous and inevitable conclusion.

And sadly it looks like TiVo will be out of business before I find an apartment.

Cell tower camouflage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoing Boing links to some photo galleries of radio and wireless phone transmission towers, but the most interesting gallery is this collection of camouflaged cell phone towers that look like trees, bell towers, flagpoles, or anything that isn’t an antenna collection.

The best is the “fake cell pine diseased tree” which could easily be called the “Charlie Brown cell phone tower.” Need to find a cell tower? Search online.