Yesterday’s Vandenberg launch and Brian Webb’s Southern California Astro/Space Alert list

A lot of bloggers were commenting on the Minuteman III launch from Vanderberg last night. Anyway, if you were a subscriber to Brian Webb’s “Astronomy/Space Alert for Southern California” list, you would have been ready for it.

Cool list. Great guy. You should join.

God reboots in single-user mode and types “fsck -y ^M reboot”

Everyone is mentioning this story, so I’m obliged to join in. Asteroid 2002 NT7 is on a “collision course” with Earth with the closest approach on February 1, 2019. NT7’s orbit is still not refined enough to judge whether or not an impact is certain, but it’s a close one. If anything, since 1 Feb 2002 is a Friday we’ll have the whole weekend to recover from our hangovers.

Today’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day is worth checking out too. Sure, space is empty, but that plot of the inner solar system would give even the sharpest air traffic controller the Mother Of All Anxiety Attacks.

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