Episode #006 – Austin Psych Fest 2013

Quartz City Podcast – Episode #006 – Austin Psych Fest 2013

Bass Drum Of Death – “Nerve Jamming” – website
Wall of Death – “Thunder Sky” – Facebook
Young Magic – “Sanctuary” – website
The Soft Moon – “Insides” – website
Spectrum – “Undo The Taboo” – website
Clinic – “Miss You II” – website
The Raveonettes – “Sinking With the Sun” – website
Boris – “Hope” – website
Woodsman – “All Tangled Up” – Tumblr
Dead Skeletons – “Ljósberinn” – website
Silver Apples – “Seagreen Serenades” – website
Gary War – “Grown In Shells” – Facebook
Tamaryn – “While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming” – website
The Laurels – “Manic Saturday” – Facebook
No Joy – “Hare Tarot Lies” – website
The Besnard Lakes – “People Of The Sticks” – website
The Black Ryder – “All That We See” – website
The Black Angels – “Paladin’s Last Stand” – website
Kaleidoscope – “Dive Into Yesterday” – Facebook
The Moving Sidewalks – “Flashback” – website
Goat – “Stonegoat” – Blogspot

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Austin Psych Fest day 2

Catching up…

Wall Of Death – I’d never heard of these guys before and instantly dug the sound.

Woodsman – Some friends said to check them out and was not disappointed. Very very good. Wished I videoed some of it, but was too transfixed by the hypnodrone. Bought their album as soon as I had a chance too.

Woodsman - Austin Psych Fest 2013

Holydrug Couple

Boris – I can’t add anything else other than WAAAARRRGGGHHHH. The possible high-point of the entire festival occurs when Atsuo of Boris stood up through the on-stage smoke – mallet held aloft like a victorious Conan – and then just bashed the hell out a gong as the tripping, high, drunk, tired audience cheered him on.

Boris as Atsuo Shel

Black Mountain

Kaleidoscope [UK]

Man Or Astro-man? – a huge thunderstorm cut loose during Man… Or Astro’man’s set. I was at the very front of the stage looking out for the flaming theremin and had no idea what was happening outside the tent, but it seemed as if the entire festival jammed into the tent during their set and everyone: audience/band/everyone just went bananas. Fantastic set!

Man… Or Astroman? - Austin Psych Fest 2013

The Black Ryder – POURING rain during their set, but they sounded great. Looking forward to their new album quite a bit.

The Warlocks – haven’t seen them in a long time, but they also sounded terrific. George from the much missed Ojos Rojos is playing drums for them now.


Spectrum - Austin Psych Fest 2013

Boards Of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest listening party

So I went… Well, I headed out in that general direction before stopping to check Twitter. Presumably someone had to be live-tweeting the scavenger hunt and when @tonx mentioned there were a small group of people there for an “event” I floored it the rest of the way.

The “event” was a listening party for the album. Cool set-up…

Boards Of Canada listening party

More pictures on Flickr.

The album sounds great. Heavy. Claustrophobic at times, but still has that “woozy tape-delay” essence. If you like any of John Carpenter’s/Alan Howarth’s soundtrack work then you’ll want it on your radar. It’s a long album, somewhat meandering in the middle, but the slow burn droning at the end is tremendous.

Took some pictures of what’s left of the park. It’s no longer “in stasis,” but simultaneously dismantled and repaired. The new owner of the property says they’ll reopen. I wish them luck.

Here’s how it looked ten years earlier when I visited in 2003.

Rock-A-Hoola/Lake Dolores

Revisiting Rock-A-Hoola with Boards Of Canada

Boards Of Canada are about to release a new album after a long absense, and I have to admit… I’ve been liking the cryptic marketing campaign with the ultra-limited “Numbers Station” release on Record Store Day, a one-time video projection in Tokyo, and enigmatic leaks that are as mysterious as Random Access Memories is omnipresent.

I like the band, and the promise of “Drone. Heavy. Aeroplane over my house” bodes well around here. I’ve also been digging the Mojave Desert imagery that’s been a part of the campaign.

Earlier this afternoon, the band posted this image to Twitter:

Yermo boc 5 27 13 1700

I know exactly what’s at the center of that picture. In fact, it’s the most commented-upon post in the entire blog. From 2006, “Rock-A-Hoola, water park in stasis.”

Anyway, I wonder what would happen if I showed up there tomorrow at that time? Apart from the obvious risk of being classified as a Crazy Fan. Not that far of a drive for me…

Austin Psych Fest day 1

A selection from day 1. Only a few of these clips are mine, I was too busy enjoying things to go into document everything mode.

Bass Drum Of Death


Tinariwen – they’re from Mali. Love the sound – Sublime Frequency fans should get in on this.

Tamaryn – loved the stage by the river with the bank as a natural ampitheater.

The Soft Moon – furious amount of sound from these guys.


Silver Apples

Silver Apples - Austin Psych Fest 2013


Warpaint - Austin Psych Fest 2013

The Raveonettes – I’ve seen them quite a bit over the years, but their set that night was one of the best. Highlight of the night.

The Raveonettes - Austin Psych Fest 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Acid Mothers Temple – “Pink Lady Lemonade” is the new “Interstellar Overdrive”

Episode #005

Quartz City Podcast – Episode #005

Loscil – “Endless Falls” – website
Zelienople – “Flurry” – website
Barn Owl – “Pale Star” – website
NEU! – “Seeland” – website
Hedgehog – “Sky Song” – website
The High Violets – “Ciné” – website
The Sirago 17 – “Laetitia” – Bandcamp
Ed Kuepper & The Kowalski Collective – “Skinny Jean” – Bandcamp
Suki Ewers – “Time After Time” – Facebook
o13 – “Ocean” – Facebook
Suzy Blu – “Ten Times” – Tumblr
Paik – “Killing Windmills” – Wikipedia

Links to everyone should be embedded in the file (I’m using the enhanced podcast features in GarageBand)

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Austin Psych Fest pre-parties

There were two pre-parties in Austin on the Thursday night before the official festival began. Both clubs (Red 7 & Mohawk) had substantial lines to get in so easily switching back and forth was impossible. Happily, I did get to see All In The Golden Afternoon – their album Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea is a fave around here.

I hadn’t seen the Rain Parade since 1985 and it was great to catch one of the few reunion shows. “No Easy Way Down” still slays.

The Austin Chronicle interviews Matt Piucci about the reunion.

Flavor Crystals were playing in the room right next door. Really like their sound.

Rugby font again

This time courtesy of enigmatic German pop sensation Heino in 1971

Heino In Einer Bar In Mexico

This sighting courtesy of the Font Feed blog, who add:

Another rarely seen Mecanorma typeface can be found on Heino’s In Einer Bar In Mexico. The character shapes in Contest are created by elliptical counter forms cut out of curved square outer shapes. This is a great typographic choice as it reprises the typically shaped glasses of the German schlager star.

I knew that in the 1980s, Rugby font was available from Mecanorma as dry transfer lettering, but never knew Mecanorma’s name for the font family. I haven’t dealt with (or even thought about) dry transfer lettering in 25 years, but it was a somewhat easy way to get a good looking design. I’m damn pleased that this era of analog tech has been buried for good. The transfer sheets weren’t cheap, the letters tended to stick to them, and woe unto you if the letters were misaligned.

Armed with the font family name (really, “Contest” for this one?), I found a scan of the 1982 Mecanorma catalog (courtesy of Matt Howarth) and there it is: Contest font. Wonder how many of them Spacemen 3 went through while lettering those album covers.

Contest font

Episode #004

No theme this time. Just music…

Hedgehog – “The Burning Sun In The Morning”
Föllakzoid – “99”
Beaches – “New Knowledge”
Sun Dial – “You’re Still Wondering”
Ojos Rojos – “So Wrong”
Steven R. Smith – “Old Skete 11”
Avrocar – “Tetra”
White+ – “silveR”
Matthew J Tow – “Night And Day”

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