The Lovetones / Brian Jonestown Massacre at Spaceland on 1 May

Out of the dozen-odd times I’ve seen BJM, the past two gigs have been among the best. The current line-up iteration gives Anton some needed band stability and the new songs are pretty great. Openers The Lovetones (who’s Be What You Want album was released at the gig) played a terrific set of stuff from the new album along with a couple old Drop City songs. They’re touring the western US right now – go check them out.lovetones200305


Special Agent Dale Cooper sez: “This must be where nam kao tod goes when it dies”

Folks, this is the best Thai food in Southern California – full stop. It may just be the best Thai food in the state. Either way, this is the best Thai meal I’ve had. Renu Nakorn specializes in the spicier Issan-style cuisine from northeastern Thailand and is a complete recalculation of the menus you would find at your neighborhood Thai place. Among the dishes I tried were Nam Kao Tod – a highly spicy stir fry of Issan sausage mixed with green onion, chili, ginger, peanuts and lime juice. A wonderful fried fish, a very spicy ground catfish larb, and perhaps most amazing given it’s relative simplicity: Thai beef jerky. Best beef jerky on this or any other planet.

Two strange things about Renu Nakorn. First is it’s location: Norwalk! It’s located in a rather anonymous strip mall on Rosecrans just east of the 5 in the lost cities between Los Angeles and Orange County. That whole area has never really registered on my food radar at all and I’m kinda shocked. Second strange thing is their neon sign in the window:

It’s an obvious Twin Peaks reference, but it appears only on the neon sign and nowhere else. No hidden Agent Cooper or Laura Palmer photographs anywhere I could see.

Anyway, everyone reading this should go there immediately. Full address is: Renu Nakorn, 13041 E. Rosecrans, Norwalk, CA, (562) 921-2124. Think I’m going to stock up on more Thai beef jerky on the way home.

Escape to Tikiland

Immerse yourself in Tiki at this Polynesian-themed apartment building.

Have you ever wished to live in a place where your neighbors appreciate a fine tiki carving, a rare tiki mug, classic exotica, a superbly mixed mai tai? Consider moving to the Lemoyne Lanai, the future clubhouse of the tiki set.

The Lemoyne Lanai is a four unit apartment building situated in Echo Park, just north of Downtown Los Angeles and next door to Silverlake. The Lanai offers very spacious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments! Off street parking! Easy access to many freeways! Hardwood floors!