Tarot Card Sniper victim was FBI computer security expert

Let the conspiracies fly fast and wide on this

An armed lunatic plaguing the Washington, DC area has managed to do more harm to American cyber-defence with a single .223 caliber bullet than an entire squadron of PLA hackers could hope to accomplish, Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger points out in a recent rant.

FBI National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) cyber-analyst Linda Franklin became the Beltway sniper’s eleventh victim shot and ninth victim murdered last Monday as she loaded her car with merchandise in a suburban DC shopping mall.

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Let’s designate September 18 as “Area 51 Day”

Gee big surprise… Bush II renews the executive order that keeps Area 51, the Most Well Known And Not Secret Secret Base, classified for another year. These orders expire every September 18 and need to be renewed to keep a pack of environmental lawyers from filing hazardous waste claims against the government.

And another ‘way cool’ headline: “Giant squid are taking over the world!”

Will Mr. Lovecraft please pick up the white courtesy phone

Giant squid are taking over the world, well at least the oceans, and they are getting bigger. According to scientists, squid have overtaken humans in terms of total bio-mass.

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The Moldovan Ministry of Defense throws a UFO artists convention

Bruce Sterling’s Moldovan is a whole lot better than mine, so I’ll use his description:

Imagine that you were artists from the well-nigh forgotten ex-Soviet Republic of Moldova. And imagine that you somehow got your hands on some funding from the Moldovan Ministry of Defense.

And imagine that your response was to throw an international UFO artists convention.

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Giant Siberian monoliths


siberia-monolith“This drawing was published in William Corliss’ newsletter Science Frontiers (Sept./Oct. 2000). The pictures illustrates the so called “… ‘Tombs of the Genii’, as they appeared circa 1876. These towering standing stones were – and perhaps still are – located on the Kora River in what was Soviet Turkestan, Siberia. When you learn of their sizes, you’ll realize that these lithic monsters must still be there… The largest of these standing stones rises 75 feet above ground level and probably penetrates 12 feet below. Its weight is in the neighborhood of 3,800 tons! This is more than 10 times the weight of Er Grah, the largest standing stone in Brittany and more than twice the size of the massive Trilithon still languishing in its quarry at Baalbek, Lebanon. This latter stone is routinely calimed to be the largest dressed monolith in the world. It isn’t! …” Any confirmation or information about these gigantic monoliths could be send to Mr. Ulrich Dopatka (dopatka@legendarytimes.com). More and other discoveries are published in our journal Legendary Times.”

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Commercial fishermen demand answers to ‘black water’ mystery


Commercial fishermen along the Southwest Florida coast are reporting a massive dead zone that is almost devoid of marine life in an area of the Gulf of Mexico traditionally known as a rich fishing ground.

They’ve dubbed it black water, and they’re demanding that local, state and national government agencies find out what’s causing it.

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