The Oak Island Mystery

MetaFilter points out several different stories on the legenday Oak Island Money Pit off of Nova Scotia:

The Top 10 Outsider Videos

So your copy of Heavy Metal Parking Lot is so mint you want to “jump its bownes” and the audio on your Senator Bud Dwyer Blows His Head Off video is so clear you can hear “hey Bud, Bud, don’t!” in your nightmares. You have punk Quincy, punk CHiPS, and a straight-from-TV version of the A.B.C After School Special: The Day My Kid Went Punk. You even made sure to own all three TV Carnage tapes in case your collection left out any Gary Coleman shit. You’re done, right?

And the top 10 are (which is kinda weird since they’re randomly selected)…

  1. Jan Terri – Rockin’ Video collection
  2. Anna Nicole Smith – Outtakes
  3. Peace and Love – the movie pitch
  4. Orson Welles – Paul Masson commercial
  5. Elton and Betty White
  6. Todd Weeks – Self-Defense Guru
  7. What I Really Want
  8. Best of the Worst Star Search Audition Tapes
  9. Martin Carlton Stunt Special
  10. Winnebago Man

What? No Jonathan Bell. The Orson Welles clip on that site is totally worth the link.

The Go Game: San Francisco Urban Wireless Adventure

What happens when the Cacophony Society goes ultra high-tech

The Go Game is an all-out urban adventure game, a technology-fueled, reality-based experience that encourages hard play and a keen eye for the weird, the beautiful, or the faintly out-of-the-ordinary. The “rule book” is reality, the “board” is your city, and the “pieces” are the players — you and your team.

Through clues downloaded to a wireless device and hints planted in unlikely places, you’ll be guided through a city you only think you’re familiar with. Clues can appear at any time, anywhere. Perhaps you didn’t notice the woman on the bus reading a magazine upside-down. Or the note stuck to the side of the bathroom mirror of your favorite bar, or the electric scooter parked outside with your name on it. After a day of Go, you will.

The SF Weekly has a more descriptive article

Busy spiders in British Columbia weave a 60 acre web

Insert any and all bug movie cliches here. The photos of this thing are amazing…

A biology professor in northern British Columbia has spotted a clover field crawling with spiders. Brian Thair of the College of New Caledonia in Prince George said he saw a silky, white web stretching 60 acres across a field.

“When you see horror movies with spider web festooned from this place to that place and so on, it comes nowhere near approaching what occurred in this field,” Thair told CBC Radio’s As It Happens.

A typical barbwire fence on wood posts surrounded the field about six kilometres east of McBride in the Robson Valley. Thair said it looked like the whole area was covered with an opaque, white plastic grocery store bag.

So did like another one of the Seals open up or something?

They Saved Baader-Meinhof’s Brains!

Nothing like an absolutely weird and random story to brighten the day…

BERLIN, Germany — The brains of three members of the infamous Baader-Meinhof Gang of German urban guerrillas have disappeared, a laboratory said on Monday.

Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe were members of the gang that waged a campaign of killings, bombings and kidnappings against the West German establishment in the 1970s.

After the three extreme leftists committed suicide in prison in 1977, their brains were taken to a university hospital in southern Tuebingen for autopsy, but the brains are no longer there and their whereabouts are unknown.

On This Site: Nothing Happened

Nothing happened here.

It’s long been a tradition in Paris to mount a plaque on a building where a noteworthy tenant – a war hero, major writer or other luminary – lived or died.

But recently, the tradition has taken a curious turn.

Take, for example, a plaque that appeared mysteriously on a facade in eastern Paris stating: “On April 17, 1967 – nothing happened here.”

Or one in the garment district paying homage to a former resident identified as, “Karima Bentiffa – civil servant.”

[via New World Disorder]

Hypersonic sound goes Madison Avenue

hypersoundOf course you knew it was only a matter of time before the advertising industry got hold of the hypersonic directed sound the military was working on.

It’s the most promising audio advance in years, and it’s coming this fall: Hypersonic speakers, from American Technology, focus sound in a tight beam, much like a laser focuses light. … When it rolls out in Coke machines and other products over the next few months, audio quality will rival that of compact discs.

Boeing unveils Klingon Bird Of Prey

boeing-stealthSo this thing has been flying since 1996 and I’m sure it accounts for a nontrivial amount of Area 51 freakouts. As with the F-117, it’s hard to get a handle on just what this thing looks like. I’m sure the folks over at Jane’s have just pulled the phone out of the wall by now.

The promo films on the Boeing site are a prime piece of ephemeral military promo films. Am I the only person to immediately think of the line “The Crossbow Project… Because the best defense is a good offense!”