Thousands of punkers nationwide hoist their beer in respect

R.I.P. Back during the punker days you either drank Strohs or Schaeffer’s (“The beer to have when you’re having more than one”). Strohs was the only beer that tasted better in a can. I tried drinking it from a bottle once and couldn’t do it.

Peter Stroh, a hometown booster who helped his family’s local brewery gain national recognition before it was sold, died Tuesday. Stroh was 74 and had brain cancer. He was the sixth family member to head Stroh Brewery, which great-grandfather Bernhard Stroh founded in 1850 in Detroit.

Victory over communism! The indestructible sandwich…

Straight from the pages of Buckaroo Banzai’s airdroppable watermelon, comes this story

The US Military has perfected the indestructible sandwich. Capable of surviving airdrops, rough handling and extreme climates, and just about anything except a GI’s jaws, the new “pocket” sandwich is designed to stay “fresh” for up to three years at 26 ÁC (about the temperature of a warm summer’s day), or for six months at 38 ÁC (just over body temperature)

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