Episode #006 – Austin Psych Fest 2013

Quartz City Podcast – Episode #006 – Austin Psych Fest 2013

Bass Drum Of Death – “Nerve Jamming” – website
Wall of Death – “Thunder Sky” – Facebook
Young Magic – “Sanctuary” – website
The Soft Moon – “Insides” – website
Spectrum – “Undo The Taboo” – website
Clinic – “Miss You II” – website
The Raveonettes – “Sinking With the Sun” – website
Boris – “Hope” – website
Woodsman – “All Tangled Up” – Tumblr
Dead Skeletons – “Ljósberinn” – website
Silver Apples – “Seagreen Serenades” – website
Gary War – “Grown In Shells” – Facebook
Tamaryn – “While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming” – website
The Laurels – “Manic Saturday” – Facebook
No Joy – “Hare Tarot Lies” – website
The Besnard Lakes – “People Of The Sticks” – website
The Black Ryder – “All That We See” – website
The Black Angels – “Paladin’s Last Stand” – website
Kaleidoscope – “Dive Into Yesterday” – Facebook
The Moving Sidewalks – “Flashback” – website
Goat – “Stonegoat” – Blogspot

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My junior high school went on a trip to a nuclear power plant in the 1970s and all I got was some souvenir borosilicate glass

I can’t get away with saying that I “grew up in the shadow of nuclear power,” but if you were a kid growing up in south Orange County during the 1970s you probably went on a field trip to the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and heard some propaganda on how nuclear power was the power source of the future. The Three Mile Island accident occurred just a few months later.

Found a souvenir from that trip. Posted in light of the plant’s closing.

Souvenir of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Souvenir of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Episode #005

Quartz City Podcast – Episode #005

Loscil – “Endless Falls” – website
Zelienople – “Flurry” – website
Barn Owl – “Pale Star” – website
NEU! – “Seeland” – website
Hedgehog – “Sky Song” – website
The High Violets – “Ciné” – website
The Sirago 17 – “Laetitia” – Bandcamp
Ed Kuepper & The Kowalski Collective – “Skinny Jean” – Bandcamp
Suki Ewers – “Time After Time” – Facebook
o13 – “Ocean” – Facebook
Suzy Blu – “Ten Times” – Tumblr
Paik – “Killing Windmills” – Wikipedia

Links to everyone should be embedded in the file (I’m using the enhanced podcast features in GarageBand)

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Eastbound to Austin

This post unofficially brought to you by the mocha shake at Bentley’s Coffee in Tucson. So very happy that after the demise of Greasey Tony’s and P.D.Q. Records, that the drink (and Bentley’s!) is still around even after twenty years.

Sign Tree

Rice, CA Modernism

The Inevitable Answer Awaits You

Approaching Prada Marfa late at night when there is only moonlight is absurdly spooky, especially after driving past the giant border surveilance balloon that looms just off of US-90.

Prada, Marfa

Prada, Marfa

Old Mobil oil sign?

I barely touched the radio dial this trip – the soundtrack was almost exclusively accumulated music and podcasts via iPhone I hadn’t yet caught up on. I just naturally assumed that outside of Marfa Public Radio, West Texas was going to be a broadcast wasteland. I gave in around Sonora and turned the radio on expecting the worst, but the first station that came up was playing Jeannie C. Riley’s “Harper Valley P.T.A.” Great song. Had a moment…

3300 miles around the Southwest

Eastbound on CA-62

The line-up for Austin Psych Fest this year was too important to miss, and I had been desperately wanting to get out on the road for a long trip and luckily everything lined up to put them both together. It had been over five years since I took a serious road trip and it was amazingly relaxing to unplug, let the scenery roll by, and check out what’s going on out there.

Posts to follow…

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LucidaGraphite style for Vienna RSS newsreader

I switched over to Vienna as my main feedreader once the Great Google Reader Diaspora began. Until there’s an obvious choice in alternate feedreading-with-sync market, I’m back to the old era of downloading feeds directly. As a relucantly-former NetNewsWire and Reeder user, I’m damn impressed with how snappy Vienna loads everything.

LucidaGraphite is a Vienna style-sheet based off of the FeedLight style. I prefer Lucida Grande in black as my primary body text font and, well, perhaps someone else would like it too.

Episode #001 Quartz City Podcast

Assuming that all appropriate plug-ins are configured correctly, this post will be the official RSS-ified beginning of the Quartz City Podcast. Right now, I’m going with a bi-weekly schedule – potentially subject to change as we move along but I think I can handle bi-weekly for now. Music mix episodes will still be posted on Mixcloud, but as we push forward with this I hope to feature more than just music. Here we go…

Track listing:
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Seven Kinds of Wonderful”
The Vandelles – “All Aloha”
Savages – “Flying To Berlin”
Moonbell – “Still Motion”
Steve Moore – “Dawn Of Primordial Life”
All India Radio – “Tomorrowland”
Marie-Pierre Arthur – “À partir de maintenant”
School of Seven Bells – “When You Sing”
Brother Sun, Sister Moon – “All You Need”
Jessica Bailiff – “Take Me to the Sun (So Warm, So Ready)”
Allah-Las – “Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)”
Flavor Crystals – “Broadcaster”
Persephone’s Bees – “We’ve Just Begun”
The Hives – “Insane”


What I liked from 2012 and the rough beginnings of the Quartz City podcast

I still haven’t found a way to extract my Last.FM data in such a way to give me Most Listened to Albums by Year of Release, but as I was preparing another yearly infodump I suddenly realized… duh, why not make a one hour mix? At least something a little more than just a Spotify playlist, so here you go.

Quartz City podcast 001 – 2012 Mix by Quartzcity on Mixcloud

One of my long term projects has been to get a regular podcast going (yeah yeah, I can hear the “guh, not another one!” contempt already), so consider it episode number one. For now, I’m using Mixcloud as the host, but once I get my storage and bandwidth situation worked out there will be a RSS feed for a direct download.

By the way, there was much more from 2012 I liked than could be crammed into a hour, so it more a reflection of my current state of mind than anything representative of the year.

Track listing:

  1. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Seven Kinds of Wonderful”
  2. The Vandelles – “All Aloha”
  3. Savages – “Flying To Berlin”
  4. Moonbell – “Still Motion”
  5. Steve Moore – “Dawn Of Primordial Life”
  6. All India Radio – “Tomorrowland”
  7. Marie-Pierre Arthur – “À partir de maintenant”
  8. School of Seven Bells – “When You Sing”
  9. Brother Sun, Sister Moon – “All You Need”
  10. Jessica Bailiff – “Take Me to the Sun (So Warm, So Ready)”
  11. Allah-Las – “Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)”
  12. Flavor Crystals – “Broadcaster”
  13. Persephone’s Bees – “We’ve Just Begun”
  14. The Hives – “Insane”