Bleary in Boston

4:30am is an unholy hour to be waiting for a plane. At least I got through the security checkpoint without incident, though they were making people take off their shoes.

A shoutout to The Budget Travellers Guide to Sleeping in Airports for the tips on Logan Airport in Boston – specifically the tip to the 24 hour Dunkin Donuts in Terminal B.

I never could find the purported Wi-Fi node that Boingo has in the AirTran terminal. One major irritation I ran into is the total lack of AC outlets near where the seating is. Makes it impossible to recharge without sitting on the floor. The only exception is the pedestrian bridge between Terminals B and C, which is covered, comfy (but still with the dreaded arm rests that make it impossible to stretch), and conveniently outfitted with AC power directly next to the seats.

Things I haven’t done in years part 1: Homework!

So it’s been almost ten years since I’ve said the sentence: “I’ve got homework to do”. It feels incredibly weird, even though I work at a university and am constantly surrounded by academia (in all forms).

The class itself is an introduction to Macromedia Flash which is an app I know next to nothing about. Since I’ve been doing network admin/deep-level geek stuff over the recent years I’ve discovered that my design/DTP skills were stuck back somewhere around the Quark 3/Illustrator 5 vintage, with Flash and the entire Axis of Macromedia somewhere around my peripheral vision. I used Dreamweaver a couple of times and after a much confusion, went back to hand-coding my HTML in BBEdit.

Anyway, UCI Extension offers a couple of classes free to UCI staff. Flash was one of them and here I am, thinking about needing to do homework and being incredibly pleased that I got my Asteroids-knockoff spaceship to fly around the Flash stage and fade in and out.

Auctioning off some Apple ephemera and some HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, John Shirley, etc. paperbacks.

We interrupt this ‘blog for a commercial announcement…

I’m auctioning off some Apple-related t-shirts and posters and a bunch of paperback horror – mostly H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, couple on John Shirley and K.W. Jeter obscurities.

Oh yeah, and the first DVD box of The Prisoner and the last issue of Mondo 2000.