Egoscanning via Google again

Google picks me up in the oddest places…

  • In the ReadMe file for the Ricochet spam reporting agent. Funny thing here is that it’s a way old address from when Xplain still had the domain. Now is an dating service.
  • A Japanese site with an email address that’s over ten years old.
  • A forwarded article about a faked treasure find.
  • My 72nd place finish in the 1998 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

The first shambling down a long server migration road

I was tipped off to JohnCompanies awhile back by OxDECAFBAD and pulled the trigger on one of their Linux servers. Been steadily working on it and feeling that deep internal satisfaction you get from learning a new system (even if it just a plain ole Red Hat box).

The object is to merge together all the random servers and domains I’ve got scattered around out there and bring them all together – plus free up the poor battered home DSL line that’s been serving up the and domains.

Still doing this with one hand on the O’Reilly books…

So does this make me a net.person?

My name (well at least a homonym) is now used in a story in The Onion

Woman Mad Boyfriend Not Jealous She Danced With Other Guy
WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – Deborah Raskin, 20, became angry Saturday when boyfriend Kris Barros failed to become jealous over her dancing with another guy. “She was being all quiet and staring at the wall, and she wouldn’t tell me what it was all about,” Barros said shortly after leaving the party. “Finally, I realized, shit, I was supposed to get all mad and make some big scene because she danced with that one dude before.” Barros promised Raskin that he would make more of an effort to be jealous in the future.