From the current Arcata Eye police log

From the current Arcata Eye police log:

Friday, June 28 9:17 p.m. A space/time wormhole opened up near the storage units by the freeway, disgorging three “hippies,” their ample tresses defying gender identification. An officer conferred with the flower children, who like, kept on going on.

Monday, July 1 5:52 p.m. A caller requested police patrol his trailer park ‘hood on a hunch that his neighbors were about to call the cops on him because he and his gleaming mullet hairdo had just walked up the street.

Musee Mechanique has been saved!

YEAH! San Francisco’s Musee Mechanique, the collection of vintage turn-of-the-last-century coin-operated arcade machines has found a home at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Under a plan approved Tuesday night by the San Francisco Port Commission, port officials agreed to negotiate a lease to temporarily house both the Musee and the recently merged San Francisco Museum and Historical Society in the same building on Pier 45 near the Wharf’s crab stands.

[via Boing Boing]

Philip K. Dick in Orange County

Another PKD movie, another PKD article… However this one is better than most and deftly stays away from the “he’s crazy” summation that most of these pieces devolve into. There’s even a PKD story I hadn’t heard of…

Powers remembers a call from Phil: he’d figured out the universe, he said.

“I said, ‘Cool!'” Powers says, “And he said, ‘So can you come over after work?'”

“Yeah, I’ll be right over,” Powers said. “But listen: Can you write it out as a limerick?”

“No, I can’t write it out as a limerick!” Dick snapped. “It’s the secret of the universe-come on!”

But when Powers pulled up on his motorcycle, Dick had a limerick for him anyway:

The determinist forces are wrong
But irresistibly strong
While of God there’s a dearth
For he visits the Earth
But not for sufficiently long

He’d even written an alternate ending:

But of God there’s no dearth
For he visits the Earth
Though just for sufficiently long


Thomas Kinkade’s Stepford Village

Dang. I usually try to stay current with every weirdo exburban trend that orbits out somewhere between Martha Stewart and the QVC network, but I totally missed this one. Unironic cult/shlock artist Thomas Kinkade (“America’s most collected living artist”) has made a living out of mass-manufacturing landscape paintings of luminescent New England kitsch: bridges, lighthouses, etc. Mostly stuff you would see on QVC, hotel rooms, motivational posters, or in Ned Flanders’ house. Not content with having his prints in one out of every twenty American homes, Kinkade took a cue from Martha and branded himself out the wazoo – with Kinkade-labeled “art-based products” including furniture, china, stationery, wallpaper, a novel, and… a housing tract. Er correction… a “Thomas Kinkade Painter Of Light Community”.

Salon visits the village and deconstructs the horror which, oddly enough (or perhaps not) is in Negativland’s sphere of influence. Fun fact from Kinkade’s web page: he used to work for Ralph Bakshi Studios. [via Robot Wisdom]