Blinkenlights in Paris

blinkenlights-paris1This week’s edition of Off The Hook interviews one of the project managers of the Chaos Computer Club’s Blinkenlights installation on the side of the Bibliothèque nationale de France building in Paris. This is an amazing set up. The entire side of the building has been transformed into a giant 20 x 26 pixel computer screen. Folks can download a copy of their ArcadePaint program which will generate the XML files for CCC to place your animation on the building’s playlist. Plus, folks can call up the controller and play Tetris, Pong, Breakout, or Pac-Man.I’ve had the live stream up all day at work and am blown away by some of the animations. Lots of cool geometric art, punctuated by the occasional Tetris game, and old/new geek memes like the Matrix screen character drip, and Ellen Feiss’ Apple ad.The QuickTime stream is a high quality MPEG4 one (you’ll need QT6) and I’m as impressed by the stream quality as I am by the art. Not a single jerk or dropout all day.


In Smog And Thunder: The Great War Of The Californias

smog-thunder1A couple of years ago I caught Sandow Birk’s history of the Great War down at the Laguna Art Museum and was totally blown away. In Smog And Thunder details a fictional historical war between Northern and Southern California with historical paintings, dioramas, topological maps, model war machines, propaganda posters, and an audio CD with war songs, recruitment commercials.

I picked up the book and CD at the show. Now it’s a film