And the weekend forecast is: heavy torrents of stellar plasma followed by supernova on Sunday.

Weather application interfaces must be a basic problem that all intermediate-level UI-folks have to solve. There’s a wide-range of precise numerical data, but transmuting that data into a quick, non-quantitive “how is it going to feel?” seems difficult to do in an interesting way.

A couple of apps display forecasts as an animated movie that best represents the weather. It’s a cool idea. According to Clear Day, the record heat wave that’s bearing down on the Southwest this weekend is going to include heavy torrents of stellar plasma

Clearsky solarheatwave1

followed by a supernova on Sunday.

Clearsky solarheatwave2

Stay cool out there!

LucidaGraphite style for Vienna RSS newsreader

I switched over to Vienna as my main feedreader once the Great Google Reader Diaspora began. Until there’s an obvious choice in alternate feedreading-with-sync market, I’m back to the old era of downloading feeds directly. As a relucantly-former NetNewsWire and Reeder user, I’m damn impressed with how snappy Vienna loads everything.

LucidaGraphite is a Vienna style-sheet based off of the FeedLight style. I prefer Lucida Grande in black as my primary body text font and, well, perhaps someone else would like it too.