Rugby font in the wild – part 9

I certainly never expected to see the font here. Oddly enough, I was reading Chaykin’s American Flagg series when it was first released in the mid-80s, so I probably first encountered the font here years before I ever saw a Spacemen 3 record.

Rugby font again

This time courtesy of enigmatic German pop sensation Heino in 1971 This sighting courtesy of the Font Feed blog, who add: Another rarely seen Mecanorma typeface can be found on Heino’s In Einer Bar In Mexico. The character shapes in Contest are created by elliptical counter forms cut out of curved square outer shapes. This …

Another Rugby font sighting

Kinda annoyed that I missed this one before. Knowing how Smile informed of the recording of Playing With Fire, you could probably draw lines of influence based entirely on where the font appears. Get the font here. Previously: Rugby font in the wild That pesky Rugby font again

Rugby font in the wild

I’m always on the lookout for early examples of the “Spacemen 3” font and ran across this cover for a mid-70s French library music LP. [via Digger’s Digest] P.S. My version of the font is called Rugby and is available for download.

Rugby Font

Rugby Font is a typeface based upon the lettering style used by the British psychedelic/drone band Spacemen 3 for their first couple of albums from 1986-1989. The lettering originally appeared on concert flyers in the late sixties and on some releases from the era (Shocking Blue, The Beach Boys, The Stooges, and more). The earliest …