Revisiting Rock-A-Hoola with Boards Of Canada

Boards Of Canada are about to release a new album after a long absense, and I have to admit… I’ve been liking the cryptic marketing campaign with the ultra-limited “Numbers Station” release on Record Store Day, a one-time video projection in Tokyo, and enigmatic leaks that are as mysterious as Random Access Memories is omnipresent.

I like the band, and the promise of “Drone. Heavy. Aeroplane over my house” bodes well around here. I’ve also been digging the Mojave Desert imagery that’s been a part of the campaign.

Earlier this afternoon, the band posted this image to Twitter:

Yermo boc 5 27 13 1700

I know exactly what’s at the center of that picture. In fact, it’s the most commented-upon post in the entire blog. From 2006, “Rock-A-Hoola, water park in stasis.”

Anyway, I wonder what would happen if I showed up there tomorrow at that time? Apart from the obvious risk of being classified as a Crazy Fan. Not that far of a drive for me…

Author: Chris Barrus

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