Watching The World Go By

Like a lot of other people, I first ran across DISH Earth as a mysterious channel next to NASA TV. OK – it’s a picture of the Earth from space. Sure the timecode was changing every 15 seconds, but not much else was going on until I suddenly blurted out “it’s a real-time picture of the Earth!”

And that’s exactly what the DISH Earth network is. DISH Network stuck a camera on the side of EchoStar 11 22,300 miles up in geosynchronous orbit and pointed it back at the earth. Nothing really changes except cloud patterns and the day/night cycle, but it’s hypnotic enough to check in on it every so often*. Besides, I find it rather cool just to be able to say “hey, what does the Earth look like right now?”


There’s also a twenty-four time lapse movie.

* Full disclosure: I have also sat through a showing of Andy Warhol’s Empire so my viewpoint is markedly skewed.

Author: Chris Barrus

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