Separated At Birth, Part IX

The new logo for William Morris Endeavor Entertainment


Icons for every currently shipping app from Adobe


Couldn’t someone in the design department come up with a better corporate logo than that? Did anyone really try or were the negotiations were so frought that this was the only design everyone could agree on? The subscriped “E2” grates on me. Since it’s standing for “EE” shouldn’t it be superscripted to E2? As it is it looks like a chemical formula.

It’s regrettable that some element of WMA’s old logo couldn’t have been adopted. It’s a great design. At least I still have it on my old WMA coffee mug.

Author: Chris Barrus

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6 thoughts on “Separated At Birth, Part IX”

  1. If they wanted double E’s, they could have interlocked them sort of liked the interlocking X’s in the old logo.

  2. Very poor effort. From the letter sizing to the perceived separation of the E. Actually makes the Adobe stuff look quite good…

  3. Yes…it proves, yet again, that “new and improved” usually isn’t. The postal service’s hideous streamlining of the classic Raymond Loewy eagle logo is a case in point. More generally, everything these days has veered towards the ugly. Have you ever noticed those asinine “half-portraits” used by TIME magazine for columnists?

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