LA Times lifting from Wikipedia?

LA Times story reference to MGM Grand hotel fire

Wikipedia entry on MGM Grand hotel fire

I suppose I should really put in a 48 point Helvetica Bold “EXCLUSIVE: MUST CREDIT QUARTZ CITY” headline with the animated flashing red light and siren here, but I’ll leave that for someone else.

Kristin noticed that the LA Times’ story on the Monte Carlo hotel fire lifted some sentences from the Wikipedia entry on the MGM Grand fire. The Wikipedia entry has since been changed somewhat since then, but here’s as it originally was last night (and here’s a screenshot of the original LA Times story in case that changes)

The sentences in question are:

Most of the damage occurred in the casino on the second floor and its adjacent restaurants.


“The fire was caused by an electrical ground fault inside a wall soffit. The wiring inside the wall was used to power a refrigeration unit for a food display cabinet in the deli.”

My guess is that the LAT writer was in a hurry to put in some information on the MGM Grand fire and just pasted in parts of the Wikipedia article, but didn’t fully edit it down.

Author: Chris Barrus

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